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swg beastmaster medic build Check em out Bespin Goodie Vendor. Here are screenshots Beastmaster Tree My beasts can currently only use 3 special attacks. Oh come on you ve already read it. I am not using 3rd Party goods to make this happen just the good ol 39 Ctrl A. I currently run a MCommando Pistols xx44 Medic 334x for DPS. Swg Legends Lsj Build guides walkthroughs and tips. 20 Sep 2018 Well Star Wars Galaxies is giving you that opportunity and rewards you for it Go inside the building to the bottom floor go down the hallway to the second door. Or rather it scales down to 2 3 of whatever you crafted it to see next paragraph. Heroic Jewelry for this build for this build should of course be Dark Fury. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. The base game titled Star Wars Galaxies An Empire Divided was released on June 26 2003 in the United States of America November 7 2003 in Europe December 23 2004 in Japan and in 2006 in Australia. Released on June 26 2003 to much critical acclaim it spawned three expansions through 2005. BioWare still posted the patch notes but due to the bug they might be in for I agree with you as far as AC1 goes. For this you should use the best possible wound pack you can. Lastly tip your medic friend alt some credits. Especially from those flasks hanging from his back. Some of what 39 s new includes Linear Color Space Lighting Improved Gamepad Support New Survival System amp Critical Injuries Interactive Loading Screen This builds on from the idea of having your friends or alts get diseased in various creative ways and then heal them. Jul 30 2018 TC 22 works well too if on a budget and you can even get away with using an a280 or the imperial hoth rifle if you think the fight is going to last a long time and that they might have an energy armor hole medic fights usually . Welcome to the Star Wars Saga Edition Wikia A long time ago in a galaxy far far away You will need to dual box your tank and your dps. Perhaps you want to make three one line macros and map these to some keyboard key. ProjectSWG a Star Wars Galaxies Emulator Resurrecting the Galaxy SWGOH. Strength is one of six character attributes. I like it on this build for added health. Weapon or Chestplate Also note I am not using the rest of the slots helmet boots backpack jewlery etc for Luck bits as it has been repeatedly said that luck has NO effect on Beast Master. The following is a list of mutations compiled by viper can on the Star Wars Galaxies forums Some of the names are conjectural because the mutation hasn 39 t been achieved yet . Bardathehobo 308 views. It 39 s a massive upgrade again to many areas of the game. Again I changed my character template this time from Commando to BeastMaster Medic. 3 Dec 2019 Thinking of making a character who puts all expertise points into beast master just the tree for pet handling not egg gathering I 39 m thinking either medic or officer nbsp 10 Aug 2017 A general overview of healer spec 39 d medics. 6. I 39 ll think of a few more tonight and at least 1 ranged one. Last time I did it was with a beastmaster medic build. The feign death the fear spells the DoTs the spectre pet to docks of course along with Just For Fun spells like speaking through the current pet or charmed creature seeing through it and running around as the critter. It was a Teras Kasi Smuggler. Unlike those this aims to get as much regeneration as possible from talents like Self Repairing Post 8 Sample Builds Post 9 Debatable Tactics Tricks Introduction Clerics are Wisdom based divine casters found in the 3. Your are also able to share your template with your friends. Aug 10 2017 A general overview of healer spec 39 d medics. If the Big Bad Guy at the end of the dungeon is an evil wizard of 10 level with some charmed Ogres as bodyguards Preview upcoming cards for the Battle for Zendikar set of the Magic The Gathering trading card game. This guide is intended for those who wish to make their own pets. For example a maxed out Furious Attack offers a damage increase after Jul 30 2018 TC 22 works well too if on a budget and you can even get away with using an a280 or the imperial hoth rifle if you think the fight is going to last a long time and that they might have an energy armor hole medic fights usually . Nov 13 2014 Star Wars Galaxies Yoda rest its dead servers had one of the most mind boggling class outliers ever in its Entertainer profession asking that you put yourself out there in front of virtual Build Options Archer ranger Two blade ranger Beast Master Characteristics You combine fast hard hitting melee attack power with excellent ranged attack ability and shift easily from melee to ranged combat. Swg medic crafting macro. The only difference is that when a combateer calls his droid it scales down to CL 60. This is great for PvE and instances. Star Wars Galaxies. You can become an entertainer medic an artisan marksman medic or any other combination. Elaboration My newish tank suit allows me to kill ancient krayt dragons as you know which allows me to easily farm and sell krayt pearls. Apr 27 2017 8 Beastmaster. The build centres mainly on the Hunter skill tree but also dips into the Master and Stalker trees for some welcome additions. To craft one of my most popular sale items a medium mineral harvester without using factories can take 43 clicks. Tech Specs Beast Master Incubator SWG Beastmaster Mutation Guide NEW Main Profession Guides Bounty Hunter Achyuta amp Mimic 39 s Bounty Hunting Guide Jedi The Library of Ossus Essential Guides and Information for Jedi and other Force Sensitives The Jedi Profession Guides and FAQ Traders SWG Craft. Announcements. DPS Rotation amp Cooldowns Abilities Stay updated with the best DPS rotation and cooldown timings with this always up to date guide for Beast Mastery Hunters. There you would be fighting Revanites as well as come across the ghosts of ancient Sith such as Exar Kun Marka Ragnos et cetera. Fallout 4 Materials Code Acid 001bf72d Adhesive 001bf72e Aluminium 0006907a Antiseptic 001bf72f Asbestos 000aec5c Ballistic Fiber Sep 10 2020 Esports or competitive. Creature Handler based expertise tree released in Chapter 6. In my build for Combat Ent I find the following buffs to be the best combo Lair Crystal Betray Obi Wan See full list on massivelyop. It was also somewhat infamous for a series of controversial changes in 2005 that Star Wars Galaxies was a Star Wars Legends MMORPG developed by Sony Online Entertainment makers of the EverQuest series and LucasArts. I recommend 26 28 points 28 if you want a fourth pet special attack . But there is a difference here Star Wars Galaxies has a macro system. The base game Swg Legends Commando Armor Swg Beastmaster Medic Build Confraternitasangiacomocapizzi. 0 2015 Wizards of the Coast LLC. This entry was posted in Star Wars Galaxies and tagged 2018 Beast Master Star Wars Galaxies on September 17 2018 by R. we will go over everything from combat to support to beast master. The mouthpiece of the gaming generation The Escapist aims to capture and celebrate the contemporary video gaming lifestyle and the diverse global video game culture by way of in depth features thought provoking articles and relevant columns authored by leading video game authorities as well as cutting edge video shorts engaging forums and robust social media elements that incorporate the x. BH M. I respecced to medic as its a lot better support for your pet 1 Introduction 2 Easy Mode 3 Spell Summary 4 Builds and Talents 5 Azerite Traits and Armor 6 Essences 7 Rotation Cooldowns and Abilities 8 Mythic Guide 9 Ny 39 alotha as Beast Mastery Hunter 10 The Eternal Palace as Beast Mastery Hunter 11 Stat Priority 12 Gems Enchants and Consumables 13 Macros and Addons 14 Gear and Best in Slot 15 The information you need to be the best in Star Wars Galaxies. Oct 02 2009 In addition to the Ent Buff you need to get Medic Buffs as well as Officer tactical stims. In addition to these professions a character can also choose Pilot sub professions. Basically what the macro does is rotate your character Makes your character shoot automatically and Automatically Loots for you. You are now level 90 combat Beast Master and you have access to every profession you would like. All instances first require you do an unlock for them they all start from the same building on dath and are rather difficult to do alone. Penny Dreadful. 7 Shaman. Upcoming editions will add the quot Beast Master quot sub profession. it The Medic is a young girl in a nurse uniform. From jedi to medic to beast master all the information you need Welcome to medic ladies and gentleman this is a guide that should help you with your profession. We would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow us. 1. We also are a provider for blank apparel. Please note this build is There are a few inherent exploits in SWG that should be banned for using. Show less Show more nbsp 14 Mar 2010 Medic BM Starring Superhobo. Nov 30 2011 And one day when Beastmaster was introduced to the game I decided to let go and sell him to a guy on Corillia for 100 million credits. Browse all gaming. This has multiple macros so find the one that suits what you are looking for. Medic BM is probably the strongest hybrid template due to the huge healing ability that a medic could throw onto his her pet i myself use a commando BM and find it a great combo to use in a group. 15th 2011. fandom. Grouped Buffs. at 223x This should be B 39 s Remember as you level up always use the most efficient wound packs. Dec 03 2016 Cats used to be the end all DPS for Hunters. Then you can add 1 of these nov medic pistolsx4xx pistolsx3xx and bh4xxx fencer x4xx . Whether you want to be a player or the Gamemaster this Wikia Guide is your portal to the action packed Star Wars galaxy. These are pretty much down to your preference and your best options. The guide will take you through all the necessary steps but NOT touching mutations. Beast Master Expertise is an exciting new feature coming to Star Wars Galaxies in Chapter 6. max damage decreased speed increased. But im sure you could adapt it for grinding by changing the times etc. There are 9 professions Jedi Bounty Hunter Smuggler Commando Spy Officer Medic Entertainer and Trader. So much power. Swg legends medic armor I have a Medic and wouldnt put any BM Expertise on my medic. Welcome to the largest Star Wars Galaxies community on Reddit This subreddit is for SWG discussion in all of its different incarnations. The items that characters can produce as a crafter rival the best available from dungeons raids and quests providing a relatively simple way for many players to acquire excellent equipment just by participating in the economy. com Resource locations crafting guides etc Beast mastery schematic is a schematic learned by domestic traders engineering traders munitions traders and structures traders used to craft laboratory equipment and supplies used by Beast Masters to create and care for pets. Much like the bounty hunter build above this focuses a lot on the Stalker and Hunter trees. Despite the fact that if you re a droid interface the speed for it increases rather than decreases the lower the speed on a droid interface direct relationship between the delay incurred after using a droid program and how quickly you could use another droid program . See full list on swg. Aug 23 2019 This Spirit Tactics deck was sent to me for testing by RingsDB user Christian_Medic. r swgemu A subreddit for discussion of the amazing Star Wars Galaxies Emulator SWGEmu and the servers based on its code. Choose the Defense Fighting Style at level 2 to gain even more AC. Put your pet against another 1vs1 and only use pet abilities pet heals No outside heals help from the player or players. Mar 14 2010 SWGEMU Guides Medic Doctor Combat Medic grinding made easy Duration 17 07. On the SWGEmu Servers characters credits buildings structures or items will not restored or replaced under any circumstances. May the Force Be With You A newbie 39 s guide to the Jedi Profession Star Wars Galaxies correspondent Thomas Allegood takes us from Padawan Learner to Jedi Master in this guide to Jedi in SWG. Swg stats Swg stats TOR Wiki is an online encyclopedia based on the popular MMORPG Star Wars The Old Republic developed by BioWare LucasArts and Electronic Arts. One of the strengths of Star Wars Galaxies is the tools available to build storyteller and player events. Top nbsp 0 Commando Combat Medic Healing Guide by Orderken on Dulfy. Officers From Ysanne Isard Director of Imperial Intelligence SWG Stratics News Reporter BadgerSmaker interviews his old friend Jedi Senator Glzmo on the recently announced ability for Jedi to once again equip armour in Star Wars Galaxies. E. SWG Guides Unlimited Exceptional. com The beginners guide to Beast Master. I always use Breath of Heaven for food and is the best universal food for most professions. The buffs all follow a grouped order so certain buffs will stack while others do not. I would advise any energy rifle be heat because of that and please do not use the DC 15 rifles from the collection. Professions. As you load in after the Space station into Mos Eisley Go behind the star port and head for the Tuskens base. FL4K the Beastmaster Moze the Gunner Sep 15 2019 Medic. The ultra budget thousands of cards Magic Online brewer 39 s paradise with powerful cards six free weekly tournaments free 24 7 league prizes quarterly rotations and a super friendly community. This build is powerful when a Paladin is the core class but since Paladins are half spellcasters this can dampen a Sorcerer s spellcasting abilities. I ve managed to grind a level 90 medic and a level 90 pet in less than 7 days following every steps of this guide. 5 Player 39 s Handbook. Eric Musco 39 s posted here about it if you want to know more. C beast master medic pve only 20 Mar 2008 I really do suggest reading the official SWG BM forum for the details in Elite a BM Bounty Hunter and a BM Medic are two powerful combos. Hawkke 19 222 views. 16 Jun 2020 a guide that should help you with your profession. Buisness and Surveying. I was amazed by I was Sauska on Radiant Combat Medic Rifleman. From Novice medic until 223x If you wish to go the wound healing path Simply go nbsp At level 38 Jedi are capable of building their own light saber. com 39 s Jef Reahard writes this re review of SOE 39 s Star Wars Galaxies. I think that the main issue would come into play if you tried to record your stream and then upload it the Friday Feature A Guide To Dec 09 2008 Note you cannot build any of these bits into cores I. Latest Star Wars Galaxies Updates. Beast Master Expertise is the focus of this week 39 s Tech Specs article at the official Star Wars Galaxies site. I m still playing Star Wars Galaxies at a very relaxed pace. However one of my good friends and guild m8s sported a custom build that we spent hours developing. Not at all you build droids for combat toons as for anybody else. Spec Builds amp Talents Check out the latest most effective talent build s for Beast Mastery Hunter updated to the latest patch. Contribute to SWG Source swg main development by creating an account on GitHub. Stay Epic with the latest class guides DPS rankings and more for World of Warcraft Retail and Classic. My tank is MSwords MBrawler Fencer 244x TK 43x4 Pikes xx4x See also Classic WoW Useful macros 1. Sep 13 2019 To help you do that and more our Borderlands 3 Amara Builds Guide will help you build the character for different situations. It launched June 26th 2003 and ran until its shutdown on Dec. A good Breath of Heaven should be 200 Constitution. SWGEmu Trainer Locations. You may remember that was one of the reasons I quit. Feb 13 2015 For me it s the old EQ Necro class. medic can be one of the nbsp This build allows for a medic to grab all the needed healing dot removing abilities as well as some buffs. A basic knowledge in how crafting and resources work in SWG is required. Star Wars Galaxies often abbreviated SWG was a Star Wars themed MMORPG developed by Sony Online Entertainment SOE and published by LucasArts for Microsoft Windows PCs. During the last years of the Galactic Republic clones formed the backbone of the Republic Military that Apr 27 2020 SWG Medic My first foray into healing and never looked back. By gaining light and medium armor and shield proficiencies a Sorcerer Paladin finds a way to defend himself. The guy promised that he d take good care of him and I knowing my time in the NGE was fading felt that I d rather have him out there then stuck in my datapad for all of eternity. Sep 23 2017 Captain Katarn plays Star Wars Galaxies Legends as a brand new Bounty Hunter BH character. Using our new review system Reahard has kept the controversey of the game 39 s past in mind while focusing his review on Apr 02 2013 Due to issues with the upcomming patch BioWare postponed todays maintenance. Crafting Buff Swg Jul 03 2007 I was a bog standard Bounty Hunter Build M. Posted March 11th BeastMaster is a Combo of creature Handler and Bio Eng. Bassett Jr. If you already play the Massively Multiplayer Game Star Wars Galaxies you 39 re undoubtedly already aware that the Jump to Lightspeed space expansion officially launched today. Swg galaxy Swg legends macro guide Manufacturer of heat applied custom screen printed transfers and digital transfers ready to ship in 3 days or less. . This guide is intended Healerella Doctor Bimborella Swordswoman Medic Sniperella Rifle BE. Also I got you 3 x 4 x medic so you 39 ll have the highest medical use in medic less the master box. most Instances i singlehandly keep my group alive as a Beastmaster Medic. In Star Wars Galaxies you can explore the planet pretty much in full and you might even find some of the temples. 7 Apr 2010 The beginners guide to Beast Master. Even with a full 60 point pet some things were difficult. We will first make a non quality pet just to get the hang of how it all works Well I have a BM Medic and depending on your play style it is a pretty fun and powerful combination I think it is a very good specification for anyone that solo 39 s a lot because with a good 60 point pet and a decent weapon you can take on a lot of the bigger mobs in the game on your own. Beautiful use of colours with a creative set of moves. Jul 11 2017 The DMG gives two approaches for making NPCs either design them using the monster math as all the NPCs in the Monster Manual are or build them as PCs. MMORPG. com join swg In this video I go over how to earn fas. Find information on cheats reviews walkthroughs as well as tons of resources on your favorite games and retro classics from COD to Skyrim WoW and much more Star Wars Galaxies Galactic Civil War Forces Under Siege Game Update 15 Publish Notes January 25th 2010 Receiving Coded Transmission Imperial Naval Communiqu 31756 To Fleet High Command and Sr. com Dec 19 2008 The Fun Pimps are working towards another huge upgrade for the survival game 7 Days to Die with a new experimental build out now to try. Page 1 D amp D Monsters by Type Swg Legends Grinding Spots Follow us. not have to be a beast master to participate The player that guesses all I like to use that if the fight is versus a jedi medic or a commando. I was a bit scared how the BM Medic combo was going to work out but it turned out to be a real winner. medic can be one of the more harder professions to master and also one of the most demanding and most stressful. What race and profession is your main character Aerys is a Medic Beast Master although considering where her expertise is it 39 s probably more nbsp 5 Aug 2008 I only know about medic BM and this is the 26 point beastmaster build I here 39 s the awesome Complete Leveling Guide on the SWG forums. Medic Beast Master Template Star Wars Galaxies Nerfed Info you can go to the medic forums and find tons of temps and i dont like your too. For example a beast master with an effective druid level of 4 can have one 4th level companion two 2nd level companions or one 1st level and one 3rd level companion. For the simplicity of the class it was still a lot of fun to play. Artisan is the base crafting profession in Star Wars Galaxies. Permission granted to print and photocopy this document for personal use only. Bounty Hunter Beast Master. May 03 2007 Star Wars Galaxies Chapter 6 Interview The impending update with interesting features like the Beast Master and storyteller systems new quests and more Beast Master and storyteller systems new Changes or fixes to ranges of dropped equipment also occurred like in the example of pre nerf droid interfaces. SWG DOOM BM Ent BM SuperHobo BardaTheHobo Duration 5 01. So I stream SWG a few days a week and to be honest that is not a massive concern to me. Be wary about the crafting side of it it can take a lot of credits to set yourself up to start and produce high end combat pets. Gaming. 85 or 2. The reason for these tools is to provide the Star Wars Galaxies community and fans a chance to calculate their shipparts reverse enginering process build their expertise or verify map locations outside of the game. Notes included in the email indicated they were interested in playing this deck through the Saga campaign so I will be testing this deck through some of the quests in the campaign. I only know about medic BM and this is the 26 point beastmaster build I prefer one that gives very strong heals and allows me to use stasis. The Cleric class is one of my favorite classes to play and I always seem to have lots of ideas floating around in my head about different Cleric builds. 6 Druid. Imagine yourself as a Jedi in training or a Republic Senator a brave Starfighter Pilot or a powerful Wookiee. So I am asking which Hunter Pet is the Best Single Target DPS Which is the Best for Multiple Targets and Which is the Best Overall For AoE Im thinking the Chimeras simply because of the Frost Breath which can be used 3 times back to back at the start 13 hours ago From EverQuest to SWG and DCUO he 39 s also patented the SWG Beastmaster and the Entertainer 39 s quot Build a Buff quot systems. Representing the future of galactic warfare clones were designed to be far superior to battle droids. Hello This is a Guide on how to get to level 90 on Star wars Galaxies. As for hunting player Jedi it 39 s recommended to go melee as they will saber block most of your ranged attacks. Leveling is done from the good old USA. 5 Ranger. All professions listed here in my Blog. Browse game. If I catch anyone using 3rd Party software they 39 re gone. I think that 39 ll take you up to stim D 39 s or C 39 s Memory could be slipping idk which is a good amount of heal. But what you don 39 t know is that I changed my expertise build to move a point into the first tier of the beast master tree. Which is what any DM who deserves that name does. But be sure this Ok I made this for use on my Level 90 Medic to get Junk loot for my Tailor to Reverse Engineer. Carb CM 4000 in the 2005 combat upgrade. As a Beast Master you can collect DNA strands from creatures and incubate them into nbsp If you do not your buff may be interrupted SWG Comlink January 29th Build a Buff Spy Medic Commando Smuggler Entertainer Beast Master and Trader. Darkfire Guide Naritus server Each building is a Large Windowed Genetic House with it 39 s storage increased from Star Wars Galaxies Beast Master Journal The BRC Main Research Facility is Master Pikewoman 8 Master Creature Handler A little bit of Medic Oh and nbsp A Guide To Star Wars Galaxies Star Wars Galaxies is a mystical world where in Star Wars Galaxies SWG NGE Legends Beast Master Incubation J3di DJ Star launched on the Eclipse Galaxy early on I mastered the old Medic and Doctor nbsp build your own template in star wars galaxies swg for all professions bounty hunter jedi officer spy medic commando smuggler entertainer beast master nbsp This is my suggestion how to get started on any of said paths. From jedi to medic to beast master all the information you need. Tatwi . Expertise Calculator to build your own template in Star Wars Galaxies SWG for all professions Bounty Hunter Jedi Officer Spy Medic Commando Smuggler Entertainer Beast Master and Trader. No you don 39 t tame pets but you do gather DNA from the critters and other needed genetic material to make a pet. As a Beast Master you can collect DNA strands from creatures and incubate them into Eggs that you can then sell or hatch for yourself. Ran the servers main Beast Master Equipment store. SWG Commando Had the simplest rotation of any class I 39 ve played if you could call it a rotation but still a beast especially if you stacked Devastation. Notable for having a wide variety Star Wars Galaxies was a Star Wars Legends MMORPG developed by Sony Online Entertainment makers of the EverQuest series and LucasArts. This site contains thousands of pages relating to in game items missions characters and planets as well as voice actors expansion information and news articles about the game. It launched June 26th 2003 and ran until it 39 s shutdown on Dec. We will keep going until there is only one winner standing See full list on swg legends. I liked Commando. Now we will however begin to use Healwound in tandem with Tendwound. Mos Espa Tour My Hondo Housing System Layout A couple weeks ago I took some time to build my modded layout for Mos Espa. This includes and is not limited to the now closed live game pre cu swgemu combat upgrade new game experience pswg and all other SWG server projects. com A good ranged BH build for NPC marks 3x4xbh xx44pistoleer 4x4xfencer. 2003. Version 1. You are moderately resilient in battle but you prefer hit and run attacks or ambushes to prolonged slugging matches. Hunter Jedi Officer Spy Medic Commando Smuggler Entertainer Beast Master and Trader. While this on has a more generic design to it than ones like the Shaman it still manages to make up for it by a huge amount of detail and colour. SWG Reckoning is a Pre CU SWG server powered by SWGEmu. Clone troopers also known as Republic troopers Republic troops Republic soldiers and nicknamed the quot Boys in White quot were highly trained soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic. The SWGEmu team Jan 27 2010 This should be used with Gackle Bat familiar for the added pre and str. Swg Beastmaster Medic Build SWG is a skills based game so you can pick up any of the other novice professions at any time by paying an NPC trainer of the correct type. Any and all stolen and or compromised accounts that are reported to SWGEmu Staff may be suspended in order to conduct an investigation. It takes 3 days to make a pet but a 60 point maxed out pet sells for about 75 90 million credits. From EverQuest to SWG and DCUO he 39 s also patented the SWG Beastmaster and the Entertainer 39 s quot Build a Buff quot systems. So here it is the definitive guide to grinding for Star Wars Galaxies from level 1 combat experience Commando Spy Jedi Medic Bounty Hunter Smuggler nbsp I was curious how many old SWG vets are now playing SWToR. BadgerSmaker Currently in testing for Game Update 12 is a change that allows Jedi to wear armour in combat can you tell us a bit more about how this works are there In fact latter location has been included in one other game Star Wars the Old Republic. I heal in any game I play now. Sep 03 2020 How to Reach Level 90 in Star Wars Galaxies. Notable for having a wide variety of professions and locales and being the first Star Wars MMO but not the last . Star Wars Galaxies was an MMORPG developed by Sony Online Entertainment makers of the Ever Quest series and Lucas Arts. The beast master may have more than one animal companion but he must divide up his effective druid level between his companions to determine the abilities of each companion. Only buffs allowed are medic buffs and officer buffs tactical stims to maximize participation . One visitor organized a Player Event during the Life Day festivities while a few others put on their holiday finest and attended an event as a guest. As the Beast Master you have full control over the color and combat skills of the beast during the incubation process color dps or armor bonus temperature sliderskills quality of components There are 3 types one that affects stats another that affects stats and appearance Type 2 and another that drastically affects appearance and alters stats even more. These are new creature centric abilities available to all players regardless of profession or level through a third expertise tree. Swg legends medic leveling guide Swg legends medic leveling guide Swg medic macro Master Medic To Doctor To Combat Medic To Doctor To Bio Engineer Medical Augmentation 4 Ranged Healing 4 Medical Support 4 Organic Chemistry 4 Medical Augmentation 3 Ranged Healing 3 Medical Support 3 Organic Chemistry 3 Medical Augmentation 2 Ranged Healing 2 Medical Support 2 Organic Chemistry 2 Medical Augmentation 1 and are property of Star Wars Galaxies as was a registered by Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. swg beastmaster medic build